I Am A Christian Too

And I have had an abortion

Melissa Steussy


Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

I am a Christian too
I believe in a God that loves me

I believe in forgiveness

And I had never carried so much shame until
I aborted my child
At the age of 16

A baby myself

Do you think that women and girls
Just stand in line at the abortion clinic like it’s some
Kind of party

For sinners
For women who just couldn’t
Their earthly desires

While you sit back
And judge us

Take a minute
To find some grace
To find some humility

Try to understand
That we didn’t all grow up
In homes that were safe

Sometimes getting pregnant
Is the wake-up call

We need to change our
Lives for the better,


Does it mean now
That we have a one
Strike and your out card

There are no second chances
You made your bed
And now you must lie in it

And give birth as a drug and alcohol
Addicted teen

With a father recently released from prison
And an abusive mom’s boyfriend

A mom who makes minimum wage
And there’s not enough to eat

None the less
Care for a child

There is a 2 bedroom
Low-income apartment

Filled with a smoky haze

There are parties on the

Filled with drunken

And rage